Meshuggeneh, American style!

The L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls in action, with sharable wearable too!

My Mrs., oh, she is a wise one; and can she spot a deal? A million years ago, or maybe it was just ten minutes, the kinder (children) were still in diapers (nappies for my friends across the pond). As crunchy, granola environmentalists, we would vehemently argue debate about the value of cloth nappies, vs. disposable. Hot water and detergent use vs. landfilling. And point for point I lost there was just no easy answer. Long story short, My Mrs., she purchased some swanky ‘n ‘spensive nappies for the tender tuchas’ (butt cheeks) of my Big and my Little. After paying what easily felt like a gazillion dollars for literally, shit holders these wonder cloths, she assured me they would pay for themselves and then some when she sells them. It’s a wonder I didn’t plotz (collapse) right then and there… Nu? Along the way, she had purchased a prized, rare, limited edition cloth poopie-holder print it was just Tye-dye, very Jerry Garcia that started a bidding war! Vey iz mir (OMG), she made some $350 on that one (1) golden cloth, shat in by my madeleh’s (sweet girls). She made hundreds more on the rest of the lot… she was right, I was wrong and people, they are simply meshuggeneh (crazy)!

Photo, courtesy of my Mrs. and a little tweak or two…

Fast forward to today. Welcome to a world run by little plastic babies, no joke. LOL surprise. Have you heard of these? I’ve been working on the side on a startup that is in dire need of life support. How we didn’t think of these babies, oy, gives me a migraine…  A perfect sphere. Wrapped tightly, securely in plastic. Unpeel each layer to surprise and delight everyone who watches. Crack open the orb, more plastic wrapped surprises don’t get me started on the environment again. Every layer unearths pure, childlike wonder. It’s nothing but nachas (pleasure, joy, gratification) in enough plastic to choke Flipper it’s own carrying case. Big sisters, little sisters, pets, and charms. These babies have more shoes and accessories than I do! And their own latte cup holders. They are absolutely positively adorable. For this, I gladly handed over $9.99 USD. Oif tsulaches (as luck would have it) they unlock hours of blissful play and imagination for my Big and my Little?  Not to mention, they turn colors if you freeze them?

On to the meshuggeneh part… Mrs., so enthralled by our new family additions, so interested, she gets pinterested… Turns out, there is a market of collectors scouring the globe in search of rare LOL babies. Little, she is in custody of one LOL Kitty Queen, a truly magnificent species. Marked ‘Ultra Rare,’ she holds the beauty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon, only smaller and more portable. Silver, sparkly hair, pink kitty ear headband Accident? I think not, pink latte to-go cup, pink high boots, and the biggest, sweetest eyes on her coffee colored creamy skin. A lichtikheh punim (beaming, happy face) for all who see her. Turns out our Kitty, she is retired. I’m working my tuchas off, trying to eke out a living, and Miss Kitty, she’s retired? Nu?

Handsome, and a little guilty, No?

The Mrs., she tells me, Miss Kitty could bring in about $175 buckeroo’s! WHAT? Meshuggeneh? We tell Little, Miss Kitty is worth a lot of money. If we sell her, she can get two new ones. But first, we must find her missing pink boot she apparently has no value without her footwear. True story. In a plot-line like Cinderella, Miss Kitty Queen is shy one boot. Mittendrinnen (in the middle of) we are packing and moving, and all of us, we are looking for a boot, 3/8″ of an inch tall. I fear the worst. I look at Gatsby, and he looks away, showing me his very guilty, yet handsome look. No, it cannot be. We pack, we move, we sort of begin to unpack. Now a few weeks go by. The girls, they are playing downstairs when Little, she lets out a geshrei (yell), “I found her other boot, Ema!”

Mrs., she snaps a pic, uploads, and in minutes, $140. Meshuggeneh? That is life in these United States….

Random shot of Little, without her two front teeth. Nothing to do with this post, just sharing!

Yiddish Proverb:

If luck plays along, cleverness succeeds. Az di hatslocheh shpilt, gilt ersht chochmeh.

Please know my friends, no LOL dolls were hurt during this post, nor provided to me for my glowing review. They are just loved and cherished by my girls. I give them a 10 out of 10! This is the most fun I have had since I was ages 3+. If I were a kid, my pockets would have been filled with the littlest ones, and I do see a pet on the list that resembles my Gatsby. Just sayin’.





39 thoughts on “Meshuggeneh, American style!

  1. OMG a real life Cinderella tale with a modern twist. My hubby always keeps the boxes the boys toys come in (just in case) it drives me mad as my attic is full of empty boxes 😂Thank you for linking up to #pointshoot 📷

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  2. My daughter loves those LOL dolls too. I think she enjoys unwrapping them almost as much as playing with them. her and her little friends trade accessories. I didn’t know they changed color in the freezer, how did I not know that? #triumphnattales

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  3. I have seen LOL opening videos but haven’t bought any for my kids yet. We have other collections and trying to find the rare etc is addictive. I have bought some ridiculously expensive tiny pieces of plastic on ebay… Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


    1. And all the folks in China making this nonsense are laughing all the way to the bank! At least, my girls, they really love playing with these. They can spend hours on end being creative and imaginative. It’s awesome! Thanks, and happy weekend! #globalblogging xoxo


  4. It is amazing what you can re-sell toys for, especially if you never take them out of their packing if only we knew that in the 70’s and 80’s lol, but what fun we would have missed out on! I brought cloth bamboo organic nappies for my babies, but when we got to Adam we couldn’t use them as her has a bad infection in the tube between his testicles and penis so it was important that he was always dry, poor baby was on antibiotics for the first 12 months of his life (which I hated and cried about lots). Anyway I am totally rambling on as I do. I love that you included a random photo of little without her teeth so cute! And glad you found the shoe!!!! #mg

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  5. It’s crazy how much collectors will pay for rare items. We haven’t got into LOL dolls yet, I’m quite glad because we don’t need more little bits for Barney to eat! He already eats far too many toys then can be good for him! Thanks for linking up to the #bigpinklink this week.


    1. Gatsby did just eat a new outfit from a ‘rare’ LOL. The Mrs. was much more upset than the girls. I think secretly, Gatsby left half there on purpose! If you think of it, buy some now while they are still affordable! Have a pink weekend! #bigpinklink xoxo


  6. Wow! That one teensy boot is worth more than all of my footwear combined haha. I love the look of these toys but haven’t been brave enough to introduce Miss Tot to them yet. I fear it’s a rabbit hole that we many never recover from! They do look amazing! Thanks for linking up lovely xx #DreamTeam

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