And the rich, they get richer…

My portrait of the “Hooded-Zuck”

And by ‘they,’ I mean the ‘hooded-Zuck’  and his crowd of gonifs (thieves). Et tu, Zuck?

My question to us all, will we continue to share on Facebook?

Yiddish Phrase:

He who has money, has the whole world! Ver es hot gelt, hot di gantsah velt!

Mr. Facebook himself, the big macher (person of influence), took a trip to DC, probably wearing his old Bar Mitzvah suit to meet with the house and the senate. His tie, ferkokt (crooked, amiss), his apology, a bit meh (so-so, or like the bleating ‘baa’ of a sheep). He left unscathed and probably privacy policies will remain unchanged.

Facebook, with a user base as big as a continent, has really f*cked with mishandled our privacy information. Forget this ‘free service’ we are getting by showing our ‘proud momma’ monumental moments, our every Insta-share, dishing and #hashtagging our favorite restaurants and movies that we google-mapped to get to… He is laughing all the way to the bank in this brave, new, technological ledge that we are teetering upon. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore This my friends, is the very dark and dirty side of tech. D-A-T-A. The new four-letter word.

My Gatsby, he is alert and watching (when not barking)

Believe me, I know because we have our Gatsby that not everyone the dog barks at is a thief  (nit yederer oif vemenhunt bilen iz a gonif), but something here, it ain’t kosher is not right. It’s veshtunkina (smells foul, bad).

Zuck allows us to think that we get all of this loving and lovely connection for free. What a price we are paying now. mrt is our president. Democracy, as we knew it is shot. Our elections have been meddled, *ffed stolen by boy-pal Vlad. Oh, and Cambridge Analytica, a data mining company, hired by mrt’s campaign thugs, now owns all of our personal data or at least over 87 million of us the number they’re telling us anyway. One might even think, he should pay us? Nu?

Now I know, I am as guilty as the next momma. I hit next, next, next until I found ACCEPT. Yup. We all did. We ACCEPTED. We were naive. We were eager to share, like, and find our friends. We wanted to kvell (ooze with joy) over our kinderlach (children), kvetch (complain) about our tsuris (troubles), and voice our meynung (opinion) over current events.

I wasn’t part of Cambridge Analytica, but a friend was? Gonifs…

And Facebook, the schnurs (beggars, moochers, leeches) are now collecting every single thing about us… every single thing. Will we change? Will we quit? Can we quit? Does it matter now?

Please tell me what you are doing about this DATA dilemma. The bitter irony, as I hit publish, this goes to Facebook. Maybe Mark, maybe he will read this…



32 thoughts on “And the rich, they get richer…

  1. We all entered the pit of despair thinking it the garden of eden, seduced by the snake in the grass offering us fruit from the tree of forbidden knowledge … and we chowed down becoming addicted to the ‘likes’ and shares and flashing gifs and emojis. Will we quit? Probably not.

    I’ll have that slice of cake now, thanks!

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  2. Somehow this issue totally passed me by. Sometimes I seem to sleep walk through life. My husband was telling me about it yesterday. It is an interesting debate isn’t it as we all still keep using facebook and yet should we? #thatfridaylinky

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  3. It takes a bit of digging, but if you go into your settings and look at the “ads” button, it actually shows you what FB thinks is your political preference and all the things that it has decided you would like to see more of. Its a bit scary. #thatfridaylinky

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    1. Jeremy, it sure is scary. We have all taken on a digital free ride and who knows if we can get back. Off to check my fb. I’m certain they know how lefty liberal I am! #thatfridaylinky ☺️✨


  4. For a period of time I stopped using facebook, I didn’t shut it down but I stopped posting. I started posting again largely due to blogging. I am considering closing my personal account and just having a page for my blog. It does worry me. But I think we are only opening a can of worms and that there is more to come. How much information does google have on me? Who sees that, where does it go, who has access? So many questions. My head hurts! And there is the problem in a nutshell as I am not IT savvy so I don’t know the possibilities and as a control freak that scares me. Sorry for the mega comment! Much love my friend. #thesatsesh

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  5. I have enjoyed watching zuckenberg squirm on tv sadly the rich do get richer way of the world Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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  6. Interesting read. I have to say I have never posted much to Facebook – not personal stuff anyway. I don’t share my data with anyone I don’t know and I don’t log in to apps when I think they’re asking for too much information – like WhatsApp asking for my contacts information when I want to use the app. I choose to not use WhatsApp instead. But I can see the other side of it, when someone does log in they feel they should have some control over what is shared. All we can hope is that this makes the big companies think a little more about security.

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  7. I hardly post anything on my personal FB account. I created another public account just to enter giveaways.
    I guess nothing in life is ever free. Expect your data to be harvested in exchange for the ‘free’ services of social media.


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  8. I hardly post anything on my personal FB account. I created another public account just to enter giveaways.
    I guess nothing in life is ever free. Expect your data to be harvested in exchange for the ‘free’ services of social media.


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  9. I have always been telling this and everyone laughed at me for being ‘paranoid’ so I’m really amazed at how shocked and outraged everyone is. What is more alarming is that google keeps copies of every photo you take on your phone whether you publish or delete it. So my whole thing of not posting pics of the kids on FB is pointless as there’s a gazillion on my phone! #Dreamteam

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  10. I suppose, Lisa, like many people I am going to … do nothing! I really would not know what to do.They are using this information, but it’s the price we pay for subscribing to FB etc. I believe it should not be allowed to use our private information for political purposes and all of that, but I don’t know how to get around it. It’s the same with newspapers, and the Press. Bought and controlled by rich people, who influence what is covered, and how it is covered. Once I still have my vote, I will try not to frighten the horses and have stuff out there I should be embarrassed or ashamed about. Cambridge or Putin, or Zucker whoever will not influence my vote! #TriumphantTales

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