A pain in the neck


the cold rain descends
salty tears glisten the cheeks
daunting pain; it returns

hard rains beat, thud, thud
brilliant pink hues flourish
sun — distant, absent

hourglass sands empty
pain — there is no good time for it
find joy; it is there



Yiddish phrase of the day:

Veytik in di haldz. A pain in the neck.

My neck that is… And for all of you, L’chai’im (To Life)!


55 thoughts on “A pain in the neck

  1. What a beautifully powerful poem – the raw emotions condensed into a few poignant lines. I am so sorry that you have to suffer this chronic pain – it must be so difficult. But yes – keep searching for the joy, my lovely friend #blogcrush

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  2. I didn’t know you were a poet as well – is there no end to your talents!? I hope your pain will soon be gone. And here’s another little Swedish lesson (in exchange for the Yiddish I’m learning from your posts): Hals = Throat. Did you know by the way, that Yiddish has official status as a minority language in Sweden? And Lund University (where I used to study and work) has a specific assignment from the Swedish government to keep it alive as a subject. Well now you know ๐Ÿค—x

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  4. Oh no! Hope your pain eases soon and the rain recedes. It’s about time the northern hemisphere got a good long dose of sunshine! #BlogCrush

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