I’ve been a bit quiet of late, and yet I still have so much to say… Join me as we walk around our new neighborhood. The weather is good and we are exploring!

A heart that loves is always young. A hartz az lib iz shtendik iung.

There is nothing more spring-like the falling of pink snow from the trees. Perhaps unicorns come next? Look, how my Little, she eats up this moment! As thick as that pink snow that lies upon the ground is the pollen that is filling my throat.


Shpilkes: (Ants in your pants) That feeling my Little one gets when I ask her to sit, for just one small second, at the library… Big, she welcomes the opportunity.

We have the very best newly refurbished library right around the bend from us! What a gift.


A meowing cat can’t catch mice. A kas vos m’yavket ken kain meiz nit chapen.

Those green eyes, they caught me curbside as we walked by. This guy had no shpilkes, stopping for a photo.


We were potchki-ing (poking, looking) around for some plants for the yard, and look at the maidelah’s (sweet girls) I spied, with my own little eye.

We simply couldn’t decide yet. I think we need to draw a plan, and we must involve hydrangea.


A story without a moral is like a meal without a sweet dish. A mayseh on a moshi iz vi a moltsayt on a tsimes.

Did you know, I can get these girls to walk Gatsby anywhere if there is ice cream involved! Nu? It’s win-win for us all! We walk a mile, we nosh (grab a snack), we walk another mile. Then me and my Mrs., we get the benefits of tired kinder (kids) and tired pooch. ❀

Shvesters… (sisters…)

Spring has sprung! And, it’s almost as lovely as the joy of seeing these two being so happy to be together. I’d like to say that happens all of the time I’d be lying through my teeth, but I’ll take it when I see it!


Where does it lead to? Vas iz dir takhlis?

Said Gatsby, never… He is just happy to be outside and surrounded by his mishpocheh (family). As for me, I feel the exact same way!


The bitterest misfortune can be covered up with a smile. Dem bitersten mazel ken men farshtellen mil a schmaichel

My nephew, Benny, he taught my Little that fortunes from a fortune cookie will only come true if you wet them, stick them to your forehead, and let them dry until they fall off. Well as you can see, she bought into the dream! I love the added lip action, for drama!

So, what have you been up to? Do tell!



40 thoughts on “Captions

  1. Lovely pics with the family exploring the outdoors. Just to let you know you can’t go wrong with hydrangeas – I planted them last year just before Spring and it bloomed until February. So can’t wait for the next bloom this year. Enjoy the season and doing fun things with the family – we entering winter now so exploring the outdoors will be a bit off limits but there are always a few nice days in between the cold and rainy days #stayclassymama

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  2. Aw, these are some super sweet photos! I love the pink ground (though my throat and eyes would not) and I too would walk just about anywhere for an ice cream cone. #blogcrush

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  3. Your girls are so gorgeous Lisa! Loving that pink blossom. There has to be blossom when it’s spring right?! Mine has the ice cream walk thing going on too… she could walk for ages if ice cream features at some point along the way. How are you enjoying the new neighbourhood? It looks lovely! Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

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  4. Beautiful pictures Lisa! They look like they had a fun day out. The weather here is still up and down. Saturday was beautiful, yesterday was raining and cold. Today is supposed to better though. Enjoy the rest of your week:) #DreamTeam

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  5. You seem to have been enjoying the outdoors, I’m not keen as I always get attacked by bugs or am squinting into the sun or drenched in rain… Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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  6. Love this catch-up post Lisa. The pink snow and the sisters photos are fab! I’ve been so busy juggling family, school and running mindfulness courses that the blog has definitely been neglected of late. However, I won’t be in school for a bit now so am looking forward to catching up with blogging in June xx #thesatsesh

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  7. The pink blossoms look amazing! I would love to grow a cherry blossom in our garden, I can’t keep plants alive though! We also like tired kinder πŸ˜‰ #BlogCrush

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