The Yesterday Special

The simplicity of the set and the costumes were stunning!

The Dance Recital was yesterday. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Act I, and disciplines of modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and tap, artfully and passionately performed in Act II. There are *two days/nights a year that I smile so wide, from ear to ear, that my jaw actually hurts by nights’ end I can, and have, thrown out my neck and back from experiencing such profound naches (joy). It’s because I am kvelling (oozing with pride over) over my girls, their friends and all of the dancers who work so hard every day to practice, grow, glean their art and perform it on the stage.

Spring! I have captured Big air-bound, and toes pointed! *Yes, I am that mom that used her iPhone to capture this moment… Es khoolempt zakh meer (I’m dreaming)!

Big, she has a grace and elegance that clearly is woven in her own personal strand of DNA. If all goes well, she will be on pointe oy, the feet, they will hurt in the fall. She is in pursuit of her dream. From the moment she could walk, she was twirling on her tiptoes in tutus. Fear? Never. She holds a comfort on stage that suggests she was meant to be performing.

My Little and her fellow ‘grass-mates’ of summer, dance with Persephone. Little is the second one from the right… and if I used a flash in this stolen moment, you could see them better

Now Little, she is following in the ballet leaps of her shvester (sister). She is dancing with her besties in class and on stage. I am watching her skills develop. Together, the shvesters are constantly dancing and leaping about — At home, they choreograph their own shows and put them on for me and the Mrs. We get tickets and directions that phones and flash photography are not allowed! These kinder (children) make me so fraylekh (happy) it is so true, 99.999% of the time. What? I’m human. Little, still only 7, has fun on the stage, and perhaps the performance itself is not quite as important. That in itself carries its own brilliance, for fun and childhood lead to greater learning.

And here is Autumn. Big is the one closest to us, in the front.

My Mrs., she tirelessly schleps (drives, rushes, and hauls) these kinder to and from dance classes, rehearsals, performances. Hairpins, bun makers, costumes, leotards, tights, ballet shoes… oi vey iz mir (woe is me!)! It’s a lot. On any given day, you can find hundreds of at least 12 bobby pins on the floor in the laundry, the sink, the car, the steps leading to our front door in our house. This is the emmas (truth)!

Could these little ballerina’s be any cuter? My kinder were there, what feels like minutes ago… And in the blink of the eye, these girls will be the new leads.

Me? I delight in my Monday nights when I get to pick up Big on my way home from work. I always get there around 5:30, knowing full well the class will go until 6. Spending time in the dance studio, spying in through the window and watching the process unfold is good for my soul. I welcome the congenial camaraderie of the cabal of caregivers making these same rounds. The chatter, the signals we share that show how we are a community holds yet another layer of priceless-ness.

And today, the day after the big night, our house is a disaster mess. Only Gatsby has food and even that is minimal. Bobby pins are strewn everywhere. The laundry, she is one tall mess, and we all have a bit of a pounding, massive ballet hangover. Gevalt (help), we are exhausted!

Yiddish Proverb:

Gebroteneh teibelech flien nit in moil arein (If you want something, you have to work for it).

A great big, heartfelt Mazel Tov (kudos, congratulations, thank you) to all who work so hard at the Wissahickon Dance Academy! ❤  *The Nutcracker is the other day where I grin like the Cheshire Cat! Get ready, auditions will be in about ten minutes…

A bei gezunt (Good Health to you)!


76 thoughts on “The Yesterday Special

  1. Loved reading about your girls’ dance recital. They do grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s hard for me to believe sometimes that my boys have all grown up and flown the nest! For me, it was watching them play sports, rather than dance, when they were young. I enjoyed that as much as you enjoy watching your girls dance. 🙂

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  2. I can just imagine how proud you must be seeing your little one twirl on her tippy toes! I myself am going to a concert tonight where all that my 5 year old grandson will do is march down as a computer in a costume made by his dad. But won’t we imagine that his performance is worthy of an Oscar !

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  3. I lived to dance when I was younger I did tap, ballet, street, hip hop, rock n roll, jazz loved it. You couldn’t get me out of dance classes. I became ill and could t carry on. But I still do it now in my spare time. I have a three year old and she lives to dance to. Thanks for sharing great pics. #the satsesh

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  4. Aw, that is so sweet! I remember well all the work and effort that went into recital week. I was not at all at home on the stage and often danced through the tears streaming down my face trying not to get sick on stage but I wanted to push myself to face those fears and I did enjoy the dancing (just no the performing). #blogCrush

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  5. I love the second photo – I would have never guessed that came from a phone camera. I need to use my iPhone camera for action shots, I’ve never really tested it out before. I just love how she is in the air with toes perfectly pointed and you got the perfect shot of it. #DreamTeam

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  6. Lovely photos Lisa, your girls are very sweet and your eldest has a beautifully graceful port de bra. I agree that there is something so delightful about watching our kids perform on stage – watching my middle daughter in the ballet show last year made me cry. It’s coming up again in two weeks but this time I’m also going to be on stage in the adult class performance which is a new thing for us so this time I think I’m going to be far too terrified for tears. #blogcrush

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  8. This makes my heart smile! When Aspen was little all she would do was dance, sing and pretend she was The Little Mermaid, Ballet was her passion, it was a little (or maybe if I am honest a lot) sad when she stopped. April had a two year break, I think she was just stopping because Aspen did, but she started again this year and we have a concert in a few weeks to watch. I am so happy your girls are following their dreams and I can see why you are proud! Beautiful photos!

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  9. How lovely and well done to the girls for being so dedicated and their efforts really paid off. Anya wants to start up dance lessons again… Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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  10. Oh this post is so lovely, your pride for your girls just burst through! It’s so lovely your girls are enjoying dance so much and that it’s something they love to do together at home too.xx #blogcrush

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  11. I can fully appreciate the pleasure and pride you have from watching your little ones dance. I used to love dancing myself when I was a girl, and I love watching it to this day. Your girls are so lucky to have your support. #FabFridayPost

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  12. Your girls look amazing, I can see why you are so proud. My daughter is not a dancer but I still find hair pins and bands all over the house lol.

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  13. You have a way with words Lisa that makes it a joy, like I imagine swimming through chocolate would be, really smooth and full of sweetness. You reflect your family so well and they must feel blessed having you:)
    Mainy xx

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