I’m still wearing orange

These kids, they are the future

June is National Gun Violence Prevention Month. Shouldn’t June be, Hello, Summer, Month? Living here in these United Divided States, it’s something I take very seriously. Last year, I wore orange for Hadiya Pendleton. You can read about Hadiya and why #WearOrange became a movement here. I think about Hadiya daily, her stolen childhood and untapped, unfulfilled dreams. My heart breaks when I think about how her parents and friends must feel. And having never met her, I am deeply saddened that her bright light no longer shines in our world.

Hey, hey. Ho, ho. The NRA has got to go! HEY, HEY. HO, HO. THE NRA HAS GOT TO GO!

Top left: Me, the Mrs., bottom left: Little and Big

I look at my kinder (children) and I wonder if/when this epidemic of gun violence will stop. It is a health crisis, as virulent as Ebola. On June 2, I marched again, my Mrs., Little, and Big at my side. The crowd was little bigger, but not big enough. Hadiya deserved more people marching in her honor, a sea of orange for a necessary sea change…  Gun violence must not be the new normal. We should feel safe going about our days. Our own president ugh publicly addressed the NRA ugh ugh at their annual Convention and said, “I will not let you down. I will not let you down.”


Movita Johnson-Harrell, at the June 2, Moms Demand Action March

Movita Johnson-Harrell. I #WearOrange for her too. This inspiring woman has lost her father, brother, and teen-aged son to homicide by gun violence. Tsuris (devastating pain, grief) does not begin to cover what she has been through in her lifetime. Her speech at our March in Philadelphia left nary a dry eye. My Mrs., she was verklempt (all choked up). Yet Movita, she gets up every day, puts a smile on her face, and works very hard to make sure no other momma will ever feel the pain she feels or experiences what she has experienced. She was even selected by our new D.A. Larry Krasner, a good man,  as Interim Supervisor of Victims Services. Who could understand victims and their families more than Movita? Through her broken heart, she helps others. A real mensch (good person, through and through).

Guns down! GUNS DOWN! Guns down! GUNS DOWN!

“Hi. I’m Lisa. I’m a volunteer, NOT ASKING for any MONEY, and I am calling for Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety…

Tell me what democracy looks like. THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!

Marching and gathering peacefully in protest is my right as a citizen, and I need to do more.  Each week, volunteering with Moms Demand Action, I make telephone calls to constituents all over the country, urging them to contact their legislators about concealed carry reciprocity. I often get yelled at, hung-up on, told that the person on the other end of the line is carrying… and I also, often connect, listen, politely inquire, challenge, and charmingly change the thought process with real facts. It is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding 60 minutes during my week.  Together with other volunteers, Moms has driven hundreds of thousands of phone calls to elected officials to battle the NRA and the ballot box.

I #WearOrange because I’m a mom who cannot comprehend losing a child, a family member, to gun violence. I #WearOrange to raise awareness. I #WearOrange because change will not happen unless we make it happen. I #WearOrange for all of the victims and their families. I #WearOrange because I know that #BlackLivesMatter. I #WearOrange for the #LGBTQ community. I #WearOrange for all the tragic, senseless massacres at schools, concerts, movie theatres… I #WearOrange for all of us who are oppressed, marginalized, hated and victimized. I #WearOrange because I believe we need to drastically reduce access to guns. I #WearOrange because we need to treat mental illness without shame or stigma.  I #WearOrange for all the families left behind from suicide. I #WearOrange because I care about the future. I #WearOrange because our elected officials need to see us and we need to vote.  I #WearOrange and I hope you will too.


Yiddish Proverb:

Gay gezunteh hait. Go in good health.

L’chiam! To life!


71 thoughts on “I’m still wearing orange

  1. Oh I have tears in my eyes now reading this. I am so proud of you for standing up and doing something positive to make a real change. You are so inspiring!!! 💙Much Love 💕 Thank you for linking up to #pointshoot 📷

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  2. Though I’m from across the pond, I’ve lived in the USA for a few years and have witnessed the divide between those protecting their ‘rights’ and those against guns.
    I do believe tighter control is required and a clarification of the amendment – what militia are you currently bearing arms to defend yourself against?
    However – there is as always more. I read an article (https://gurianinstitute.com/boys-violent-crisis-nation-must-invest-helping-boys-thrive/) that suggests part of the cause may be the way boys are now treated. This is contentious and difficult to discuss – I’m not defending in any way, but trying to understand why things are happening. I can certainly resonate with the feeling of being unsupported – there are many, many “women’s” movements, as well as ethnic, religious etc – all of which are important. But, where do I turn for support? Where do they? Guns need tighter control, youth need better support.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. You make many good points and I think we do not have all the answers. However, we must begin to answer some of the questions and tighter control is low hanging fruit. Also, I do not believe anyone outside of the military should have an AK-anything. Thank you for the article too!


  3. Oh Lisa, I feel you! While I am all for our rights, what I absolutely HATE is the fact that our amendments are basically being used against us. Just like with the bible, I grew up going to church and saw this all the time, People like to twist the words and turn those words into some excuse as to why we civilians should be allowed to purchase military grade weapons. It’s completely absurd. I do not understand the need for those weapons to ever be in the hands of every day citizens. Only the military should have them and that has NOTHING to do with infringing on our right to bear arms, nor is it suggesting we take it away. There are multiple levels to our epidemic though that is more than just guns. Our American mentality around mental health, working 80+ hours a week, and guns needs to change. And that’s just to name a few things we have problems with. We have to change our thinking before we can change the laws and that is the biggest challenge right now. Too many people are just so closed minded because they want to stay in the 18th century and still think we are the wild, wild west. When are they going to wake up and realize that it’s time to evolve into better people, which will lead us to evolve into a better country. I don’t have the answers though and the problem no one seems to. Without solutions, these problems won’t be solved. But the division in the country is so vast that even trying to come up with solutions has become a hurdle in itself. I applaud you Lisa! Go out there and make a difference! #DreamTeam

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  4. Wow! What a moving post. My niece was just telling me last week how many school shootings we’ve had just in the past year alone (that she learned about at school) and I was staggered that I didn’t know we had had that many. Don’t get me wrong– I think I have heard a lot about shootings and it’s a real problem in our country but it seems like if we have had THAT MANY I should be hearing even more. It’s crazy that we as a nation aren’t doing more to stop this. I don’t think our forefathers were envisioning any of the weapons we have access to now when they wrote up our constitution. #blogCrush

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  5. A highly commendable movement I did not know about. Here in the UK we still have gun crime and we have terrible knife crime, but mass shootings in the US we see in the news, along with mindless remarks by pro-gun campaigners, make my heart bleed for mothers like Movita. I shall find something orange to wear for the rest of the month. Great post. #stayclasyymama

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  6. good for you Lisa. It seems that after a tragedy voices rise up and then it gets forgotten as the next issue arises. Its important for those in power to know that there are those that won’t back down and be silent #thatfridaylinky

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  7. I am UK based and although of course we face many issues (don’t get me started on Brexit and children’s poverty), but gun crime is not a threat. I am sure I have too simplistic a view, but to me it just makes sense that if you remove the guns you remove the threat. I found this post very informative and your family are amazing just for getting out there and campaigning for what you believe in. #thesatsesh

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  8. I still don’t understand why it’s so accessible in your country? Surely the amount of shootings, especially in schools makes people stand up and realise these need to be banned???? I’m so happy there are people like you pushing for the illegalisation of guns!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

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  9. This made me burst into tears Lisa. I want to hug you and also send you the highest of fives at the same time. Gun crime is terrifying. Really terrifying. We do have a problem in the UK – nowhere as big as the States, but it’s there. The cities are the worst. It’s not right. No one should feel frightened to walk down the road, to go to school or enjoy time out with friends. You are one inspiring lady!! Bring on the orange. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xxx

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  10. This is just amazing and hopefully not a drop in the ocean. Keep wearing orange. Guns are scary and need to stop. I wish your campaigning well x ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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  11. Well done for standing up, I really hope you can get somewhere with your campaigns, gun crimes are really scary. I’ve seen some complain that they wouldn’t feel safe without their guns to protect them, to someone in this country I just can’t see how any one can feel safe with so many guns around, it seems like a whole different world. I really do hope that you get listened too

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  12. #thesatsesh I don’t blame you and if I lived in your part of the world I’d drown myself and life in orange. Stay safe and keep protesting x (Good always wins in the end)


  13. Having lived all my life in the UK, I just cannot get my head around this “right to bear arms” thing – it’s just not an ideology that exists here and it feels to be at odds with everything else that America stands for – freedom, justice, progress, safety. Well done on standing up to them and fighting this worthy cause – Guns Down, Guns Down! #blogcrush

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  14. I’m in the UK but I can feel the pain and sadness from here. Luckily I can also feel the determination to end senseless deaths. Keep wearing orange with pride and I hope the politicians take note. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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  15. To a non American, the gun violence thing is just mind blowing. We were turned down for a US visa twice. Despite knowing it would probably have been a great life there in Montecito, Santa Barbara I’m honestly so relieved my kids never went into the US school system because I just couldn’t not live with that level of worry. I hope your country heals itself but…I just don’t know how that’s going to happen with divisive monster in power. #coolmumclub

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  16. It continues to make me mad that the politicians just don’t care about these people dying, they ignore the violence and the cries for help! So very sad!!!!! #ablogginggoodtime

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  17. Completely with you on this. We have had tight gun laws in the uk since the 90s and the Dunblaine massacre. Guns are so unessicary and cost young lives. Well done you for standing up for change. I won’t go into what I think of Trump or I’ll
    Write a book in these comments 😂😂 #KCACOLs

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  18. Ah I’ve missed your posts. Keep standing up and being heard missus. The gun culture in America scares the hell outta me, as a potential Brit that may one day travel or even live there. Honestly though, you should see the Brits over here when there are armed police at an event. It’s becoming a more common thing now and a Brits first reaction is to point, stare, share it on Twitter, Facebook and then ask the copper (police person) for a selfie with them holding the gun. I can’t help but wonder why. They are clearly thinking it’s out of the ordinary, it is over here. But is it cool!? Look at me posing with the policeman with the gun! And then I wonder if this is where it all starts in the US?

    I don’t have the answers. Our knife crime is rising and it’s scary. But I think you have to have a certain amount of inner hatred or bravado to drive a knife into a person. I could never do it. But a gun…I can imagine kids have got so used to playing computer games now that pulling a trigger is like pressing a button on their console remote. They aren’t fully processing the consequences.

    Then there’s the topic of mental health. I said to hubs the other day, we literally cannot watch an American comedy without someone busting out the drugs. Like it’s so normal. I believe drugs contribute hugely to the detriment of mental health, I’ve worked in mental health, I’ve seen it. A lot of these mass shooters then shoot themselves. That’s rarely behaviour of someone of sound mind. And whilst I hate to taint mental health sufferers as being murders, a rare few are and all the press report is “some maniac” “some monster”, when really America should be looking as to why these things are happening and how they can be prevented. It’s not all a case of the guns themselves, it’s the people behind them in my opinion.

    Anyways. That’s my take.
    Keep up the good fight x

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    1. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for this lovely response. This epidemic scares the crap out of me every day, and I can’t do enough to make it better. But I’ll be damned if I’ll stop! No, I will continue to do everything in my power, to influence and hopefully peacefully and civilly make a difference. My kids and others are counting on it! xoxo #KCACOLS xoxo

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  19. We don’t have as much gun violence here in the UK, I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in fear like that. And I really cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. Good for you standing up for what you believe in. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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  20. I’m so very proud of you Lisa! This is just ridiculous! The gun crime need to stop now! How many more innocent lives will be lost? How many more until someone in the congress will do anything about it. How many more?! This topic really boils my blood!!


  21. This is really incredible and motivating. Love that you get the kids involved – it can affect them the most in some parts of America and I’m so thankful that it isn’t something I have to fear for myself and my children in the UK… brave lady! #KCACOLS


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