good grief

she wept, cleansing tears
at least I hoped they were so
they seem unending

flowing liquid streams
sorrow, like a tsunami
emptying in waves

compounding her pain
fresh sadness on top of old
fossils ‘neath her heart

all words feel hollow
burdens carried, she is still
her world, it is dark

i know there is light
i’ve felt the warmth on my back
it has filled my heart

come, sit next to me
we can gaze at the sun, stars
feel joy, dream with me



Yiddish Proverb:

Gold glitters even in the mud. Gold gliterz afilu in di blote.


Some great folks I like to share with….

37 thoughts on “good grief

    1. My Mrs, she is sad. Lost a dear loved one on New Year’s Day, and has another dear one amidst an awful and grueling, slow demise. I need to bring her to the light. Thank you for looking out for me! Mwah, and happy new year! #triumphanttales xoxo


  1. Hi Lisa, I’m a bit lost for words to be honest…sometimes when I read something very beautiful like this I don’t really know what to say. You convey the message in the poem so clearly and without any fuss. I love how you speak about the light, I am a big believer in it myself. All I can say with certainty is that your Mrs. is very lucky to have that level of support from you #triumphanttales

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  3. This made me quite emotional. I’m in the early stages of counselling for multiple pregnancy losses and the lines “i know there is light, I’ve felt the warmth on my back” really struck me.

    Thank you for sharing. This is beautiful xxxx


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