from a fog

The excitement is brewing…

Forgive me now my friends, for I am writing while in a fog. No, not like I’m ‘in brown study’ or a deep within a place of inner mindfulness. I’m not even feeling pensive. I am literally in a fog. It is Sunday morning. Gatsby woke me up so he can bark about town in our muddy excuse of a backyard.

Time is now sacred. While he prances and bandies about barking and I hurriedly wait for him to do his business, I must ready the french press yes, the effing Chemex, my darling Chemex broke again for my ritual nectar of the gods I guess here, in the morning hour, I believe, more like in a mythical way, but believing nonetheless. You see aside from Mr. Barky Pants, my house is quiet. The din is long done and I can literally enjoy my cuppa French Roast in all of it’s piping hot aromatic delicious glory. There is never a need to reheat at this hour. It is divine. It’s my ‘me time.’

I set the kettle to boil, and ready the parts of the press for the exciting addition of the gritty grounds of goodness. I open the coffee drawer, where the beans rest by night, expecting the explosive burst of smoky darkness and indulgent scent to tease my nostrils. No scent save for the acrid smell of a wet and muddy Gatsby?


Now, I know we had it yesterday and all of the proper preceding yesterdays. I was more than certain we were not living sans bean. Where could they be? I search. I sleuth. I seek.  I sadden. Surely this travesty of coffee injustice can’t be real? I pinch myself, checking for a nightmare of the grandest proportions. OUCH! A bluish, purplish bruise begins to form on my arm.

I cannot awaken the Mrs., for that act alone will startle the process of a blissful balanced morning. Little and Big will arise, volumes will blare. I’m not yet prepared for the whining, bickering or boisterousness that can at any moment, start our day.

Your great happiness is based on the warmth of your heart.

With my tail between my legs, I once again look in the stark, coffeeless cabinetry. I pull, dare I say it, a tea bag please my tea loving friends, take no offense. I let the hot water surround the floating bag of contained leaves. I am startled by hints of raspberry when I desperately seek the bold intensity, and surprisingly low acidity of my morning Frenchie. Tall, dark and musty.

I see now that this day can only improve.

Yiddish Proverb:

If you are going to eat pork, eat the best kind. Ez men est khazer zol rinen ariber del bord.

L’chaim! To life! This very beautiful life.


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46 thoughts on “from a fog

  1. Lisa your positivity is resounding! You carried on and found refuge with tea instead. I would have been kicking the kitchen cabinets and pounding the worktop in despair! I got a new coffee machine from my brother-in-law for Christmas and it has become my new best friend – we always have a mid-morning rendezvous and I would be lost without her so I feel your pain! #blogcrush

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  2. I don’t like tea, and anyhow could not imagine your frustration when expecting to find coffee and there is NONE, Oh NO, No, SCREAMING NO! Glad you overcame the apocalypse and found your coffee. I frankly don’t believe your raspberry tea worked the oracle for you. Hehe. #GlobalBlogging


  3. I hide sachets of instant coffee powder in places nobody can find for moments like this!!! You need some kind of contingency plan when your family members are all coffee drinkers and you’re the only one replenishing the coffee drawer.


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  4. Ah Lisa I hope your day did indeed improve. I am a tea person myself and would never wish on anyone that perfection of a quiet still morning then realising the tea bags had run out !! #blogcrush

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  5. I once made a lemon tea instead of my mid morning mocha. It was not a good day 😦 I am drinking more coffee than usual now I am vegan, not sure how I’d cope without it now! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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  6. That first cup of coffee really makes me, me… I hate not having that first cup.. but that’s usually all I have to drink until dinner thanks to the pesky kids keeping me on my toes! Raspberry tea sounds yummy though!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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  7. Yes! My first cup of coffee in the morning is so important. I dream of coffee. Hahaha. It is kind of my treat to myself because I get the good flavored coffee and flavored creamer and make it my own every morning. I do love tea, but I need my coffee in the mornings. #KCACOLS

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  8. I think anyone who follows me on insta knows I LOVE coffee, but I actually don’t have my first until between 10 or 11 am, in the morning I just want my weetbix (I am assuming you have weetbix there?) Yes one weetbix with a sprinkle of bran and soy milk. I actually love tea and coffee, and have 2 coffee during the day and a cuppa tea before bed whilst watching Netflix. My dad is British and my Grandmother got my sister and I into drinking tea very young. I actually did not like coffee until I was studying Nursing at Uni, now I must have it everyday. PS: I love Gatsby

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