I feel giddy

What a difference a day makes…

You know, today, life feels just a little bit different. The grueling dark and dismal days of February are behind us. (Do you think I need to mention that there are 2+ inches of the powdery stuff on the ground right now and the kinder (kids), they have another 2-hour delay? Don’t get me started. The barometer – it goes up and down so often my head is spinning, no easy task for one with chronic nerve pain in my neck… I digress in the tsuris (troubles) when I promised you giddy. Here, let me share:

  • Two days ago, Mikey, he made me so happy! You know, Michael Cohen? After starring in 10 Years a Thug, he’s seen the monster and came out on the other side, telling the world that he is a “racist, a conman and a cheat.” If you don’t know who ‘he’ is, think Agent orange, 45, mrt…
  • Mikey, he also hinted to us all about further financial fraud and investigations into cooking the books going down in New York. I always loved NY! As I type and you read, Oh, sweet history! Farklempt (all choked up)? Me too! Michael, he is now oysvorf (an outcast, unpopular) in the cast of reality show players that have overtaken the White House.
  • On this very same day, Agent O was shmying around (strolling aimlessly) kibbitzing (butting in) about out the Art of the Deal in Viet Nam. Curiously, he never made it to Nam when the country called for him. I’m just sayin’? I sure hope his bone spur didn’t hurt too much while standing for smiley photos with fellow unscrupulous badman.
  • And, like Christmas in February, the day that kept giving continued. My heart skipped a beat (in a good way, not in an A-FIB way) when HR 8 legislation finally passed! This is a bipartisan law that requires background checks for ALL gun sales (I know? Like this wasn’t already a law?). It took 6+ years to get to this safer space in gun-mania (Sandy Hook was the catalyst. Such a shondah (senseless shame), this tragedy… and so many others that followed). One small step…  One big victory.
  • Then yesterday, I read Netanyahu, another thug among gonifs (thieves) is going to soon be indicted for corruption, and so much more… BiBi and Agent O, they are friends. Birds of a feather… Perhaps they can share a cell, saving room for cast members?
  • Today is March 1 and (despite the snow I must shovel before heading to work) that means Spring, extended daylight, and warmth will soon arrive. Insert smiling, happy Momma here.
  • Sunday, my Big, she turns 11. Oy vey, how’d that happen? On this same day, Little, she has a math and artwork event with school at the famed Barnes Museum. Can you feel me kvelling (bursting with pride)? It’s not a hot flash – I swear.

May it just keep on getting better for us all! My glass is certainly half full. Are you giddy too? Please, let me know why.

Yiddish Proverb:

Be Happy! Zei mir frailich!

Some great folks I like to share with….

48 thoughts on “I feel giddy

  1. What a lovely bit of spring! I wish I had forced some bulbs inside this year, I need some spring today. Kids in our school district have another 2 hour delay today. More snow. Ugh!

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  2. fair play, i can fully relate to the giddyness of spring – I always find February the worst month (in particular Tuesdays in February), and together with the unseasonally mild weather we had here, March really made a great spring entrance – helas, this didn’t last long with the return of the winter, but hey, we made it, we’re past Feb! #mixitup

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  3. Funnily enough Lisa I did feel giddy this morning! Not for as crucially important reasons as yours but giddy none the less. It was simply that my 2yo daughter and I took a stroll through the park after leaving my other daughter to school and a man from the council was cutting the grass. The smell was amazing. We walked slowly so as to let that hypnotic aroma fill our lungs and awaken our senses. My baby was busy listening for owls and I was enjoying the sun on my face. It really felt like Spring! I hope your snow disappears soon and you get to enjoy some of that warmth! #globalblogging

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  4. Yes! Signs of spring always make me feel giddy. I just cannot wait for summer. I only started writing my blog at the end of January and it is the best thing I’ve done recently and it always lifts my mood when I think about it. Hurray for giddiness #ItsOK

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  5. Happy birthday to your big girl! I hope you have a wonderful day together. I absolutely love Spring! Especially the longer daylight hours. What a relief to not be going to work and coming back in the dark any more 🙂 Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam xx

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  6. I am definitely glad that February is over and done with. Spring is here at last! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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  8. If we had the other 3 seasons over here on our side of the pond where it’s forever summer, I think Spring would be my fave season. I can relate to the giddyness of spring! I hate it when it’s cold and dark!


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