International Women’s Day 2019

I must confess. I have a vagina. Surprised, you’re not. I know. But, unlike many, in this gender-biased world, I make $0.80 per dollar, pay more for dry cleaning, am expected to stay home with the kinder and (I would love that!) and go off to work to bring home the kale and fry (more like pan sear) it up in a pan.  I’m an activist and a feminist. I have leaned-in and been pushed out. I have fought the struggle of invisibility and found my voice in the process. I been sexually harassed and can yell, #metoo, like too many others. I do not, in any way, hate men. But people, c’mon. A little balance here would be nice! Alevai (may it only happen)!

March 8th, International Women’s Day, is a day celebrated globally, for over 100 years. This day is for honoring the successes of women culturally, socially, economically and politically as we pave the path to equality.

Truth be told, us women, we are underrepresented just about everywhere, and I can’t see that changing any time soon.  Status quo? I say, N-O. NO!

As my hero, RBG, says in answer to the question, “When are there enough women on the Supreme Court? When all 9 seats are filled by women!” (Currently, sadly, only 4 out of 113 total Justices have been/are women. Source: Rutger’s Center for American Women and Politics.)

When we look globally, the picture is not much better. Women live in poverty, don’t have adequate food or water, they are grossly under-educated, under-employed, if allowed to even work, and are victims of domestic abuses, genital mutilation, and subordination.

To quote our beloved former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama:

“The Future of our world is only as bright as the future of our girls.”

Happy International Women’s Day today. Look around you. Are there women in the boardroom, in the government, in science and technology, in the media coverage? Can we say there is equality in our employment structures, wealth, leadership?

Please, make a difference. What can you do to make it so we live in a world of gender equality? Women’s rights and equality are not simply a ‘women’s issue.’ The way I see it, equality is a human rights issue.  #BalanceforBetter

Yiddish Proverb:

Breasts adorn a woman and make a man look ugly. Brusts batsirn a froyaun makhn a mentsh kukn myes.


Some great folks I like to share with….

39 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2019

  1. So important posts like this I’m a father of 4 daughters and want them to have equal opportunity as men Thanks for linking to #Thatfridaylinky hope to see you next week

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  2. Hello Lisa,
    I’ve been thinking about this in the past few days. When I was in my late teens, I was told that boys are getting scared of me because I am strong, opinionated and independent. Spoken as if they were disorders. Now that I think about it, it was the same message I got, over and over again, during my teens. The other day, I saw an ad entitled “Dream Crazier” by Nike. It hit a nerve. I told myself that the best thing I can do is to be the first to support other women. To think of them as mothers as well as leaders. To allow them to be strong and still love and care for others. It may be small, but it’s a good start.

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  3. It worries me that the status quo has moved so little over the last 100 years. While great strides were made, it seems so little when you look at the history of people. I’d love to see a female president before I leave this earth! #GlobalBlogging

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  4. I agree, this is a fab post for International Women’s Day! Go Lisa. Balance is everything – we need this. Many of us are lucky to live in countries where men and women are all for the cause and things are (slowly) moving towards a better place. But some are not so lucky. It breaks my heart to think about it. We need gender equality worldwide. Thank you for sharing such an important message with the #dreamteam xx

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  5. Well put Lisa, and you know what the funny thing is? In terms of equality for women, I never really considered it that much for myself but now that I have two daughters I think about it almost every day. Having them really opened my eyes and now I see everything differently. I think about their future all of the time and even how I raise them. I only thought I was a feminist before but they have really brought it out in me and now she is a beast who can’t be tamed! #itsok

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  6. Yes celebrate women but I also think we should be equal, so I am making it my mission to educate my boys by example that their Dad can help clean the house, iron shirts; plus up until maternity leave I was the one with the higher income. If the next generation see people as just that.. people, no matter gender, age, race, religion; perhaps the world would be the world we wished we live in?!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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  7. Times are changing and things are getting a lot better for women, but often I feel it’s only on a superficial level. A LOT more needs to be done in this respect, and most of the change needs to be one of mindset. Men need to SEE women as equals and show them the same respect. Only then will there be REAL change. Lovely post. #itsok

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  8. Things are improving but they shouldn’t still need improving they should already be equal! I think we’re behind in so many ways that we really shouldn’t be. Happy International Women’s Day to you powerful mama!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

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