Caught in a dream

Look, up in the sky… It’s a bird? It’s a plane? It’s a Yiddisheh momma?

Oh, the stories my brain can tell. Have you ever been caught in a dream? You know…when you lay your weary head down on your pillow. Those horrendously heavy eyelids thud shut, and you actually fall asleep, and watch the same recurring movie dream over and over again. It’s like my own personal Groundhog Day during REM only less annoying and much more personalized. Night after night, the same dream. Day after day, thinking about this same dream. Has this ever happened to you?

For me, as I slide into deep rest albeit temporarily, I magically become a superhero, very similar to Wonder Woman only less cleavage, in fact, by less, I mean none. I fight evil and wrongdoing for our planet, these government gonifs (thieves), my mishpocheh (family), for my kinder (kids) and for my Mrs. I am sleeping proof that one can be an absolute awe-inspiring superhero, even without the great ‘chest-al’ divide. And, thanks to the dark skin and bags (one might even say, luggage) around my eyes, I have a built-in mask! Nature, she’s a real hoot and works in mysterious, magical ways.

Appropriate Yiddish proverb:

If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep. Aoib ir viln deyn khlumus tsu kumen ams, ton nit shlofn.

So, back to my dream (as I so often do). Smart, I am! Equipped with the knowledge and wisdom of RBG, and the wit, timing and dance moves of Ellen DeGeneres. Oh, and have I got writers. Such good writers! I must channel Shonda Rhimes, Aaron Sorkin, and David E. Kelly in the wee hours when I’m not waking up to wee. I look like me, with only the very sleek and stylin’ cape  (it helps keep me afloat). Strong? Look out! As I soar skyward, flying, I am carrying a tachka (big) boulder around with me, and with ease! I’m not even a bit out of breath. What’s with the tachka big boulder?

Flying, I travel through the brisk night air, guided by the light of the full, brilliant moon. Leaving my suburb-ified city, I seek and find offenders and bad actors. When I land, have I got a mouthful? I advise, warn, counsel, check, tell off, call on the carpet, tell a thing or two, draw the line in the sand, and then, and only then do I offer a proper Yiddish proverb. Why, because a good Yiddish quote, given at the exact right moment, it’s like bread for the hungry!

This Yiddish Proverb:

Truth is heavy, therefore few care to carry it. ams iz shver, deriber veynik zorgn tsu firn es.

So by day, I feel what the world offers. I soak it in like a sponge, absorbing the wrongs, evils, deceits, and denials. And mitten drinnen (in the middle of everything), I hide my superpowers and carry on. But by the marvelous light of the moon, I am a respectful force to be feared, like Golem (a Yiddisheh savior), on behalf of all that I hold true, care for and love.

Look out. Look up. Here I come! ❤

So what are you dreaming about?

41 thoughts on “Caught in a dream

  1. I love this – you’re your own superhero, fighting evil. I’m a wannabe Wonder Woman every day – haven’t quite got there yet. In fact my social media captions say just the same! x #MixitUp

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  2. Dreams are fascinating, sometimes in mine I can still walk, in others I’m able to fly, who needs to walk when you can fly! I think your dream is very telling and I hope your big boulder turns into a pebble soon x

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  3. What a great dream to be having! I sadly am so knackered at the end of each day that I barely remember my dreams, mostly random angst and anger filled but then I dont have time or energy to vent when awake so no doubt it’s coming out in my sleep! eek.
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales, I hope to see you back next week!

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  4. I love that you dream of being a superhero! That’s awesome! I often dream of being a warrior on a battlefield, a queen or well, Zena (not exactly Zena but someone like her) So I guess it’s similar in a way. Although I do have a recurring dream sometimes that has absolutely nothing with fighting bad guys but visiting an old friend in various places. In fact, the places are the only thing that changes 🙂 #GlobalBlogging

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      1. No I haven’t seen that friend in years. We had a falling out several years ago but every now and then he pops into my dreams and the dream is really us hanging out and talking so it’s like he stops in to say hello. Isn’t that weird?

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  5. Dreams are a great place to let yourself go aren’t they? It sounds like a really liberating one. I dreamed a couple of nights ago that my daughter had been abducted. I know, not a nice one… But she had walked away from me in a shoe store that day so it was obviously still on my mind. I’m going to handcuff her to me in future! #dreamteam

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  6. I used to have such vivid dreams, every single night. And this will sound so stupid, but I literally have not had a single dream since my twins were born – that’s 21 months ago, because I’m so tired! I guess I am dreaming, but I’m just not remembering them. It’s a shame! Thanks for linking up #ItsOK

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  7. Dreams are an ever present and constant in my life, I don’t think I have ever woken up and forgotten what I dreamt. I usually do not have reassuring dreams, but I believe when we do that they a a strong sign of things we need to face or even overcome in our daily reality. The two times I experienced reassuring dreams where times I was in deep trouble. The first when I was around 7 or 8 years old and it was a very scary time, the second time was after I escaped my abusive relationship and was being stalked for a couple of years after, I closed off from speaking out about the beatings, the rape, the isolation, I didn’t want anyone to know what I had been through and so every night I would dream of him on top of me again, me fighting like hell and running away hiding on the streets to survive. I was reliving the horror one day I broke down and confirmed what my best friend had suspected all along and I opened up to her my dreams stopped, like a switch flicking off, I then started sessions with a rape crisis centre and began to open up to a few closet people. So believe there is power in your dreams, they are telling you something I have no doubt. Over the past years I now can recognise myself that I am dreaming and if something bad is happening I can actually say to myself in a dream that I am dreaming, I can say stop, you need to redirect this dream and it happens, i don’t know how I do it, but I just can. You are a superhero even in the day time, you share so much that inspires us and your daughters are so blessed to have you as a role model! Thanks so much for sharing this post with us for #ABloggingGoodTime

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    1. Oh Mac, I am so sorry to hear about your past. Dreams are indeed teachable moments for us all. I am so happy you have the strength to rise above and learn, and share so openly with all of us. My dream played out. I told The Mrs.’ Mom about everything.

      She has filed it away. But boy, I felt good.

      Mac, you are a force of good and I am grateful for you. ❤️💜


  8. My latest dream found me in outer space with Lola. She had a space helmet on her head and she was blowing bubbles in it. But she eventually filled up her helmet with bubbles and then one popped and the soap stung her eye. Despite all my protests, she kept blowing more bubbles. Wild. #DreamTeam

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