About Me?

Little and Big Xmas 2015

So you may wonder why I’m here blogging, sharing my spiel? Truth is, I started blogging because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy. And that makes you, dear readers, my therapists. By the powers vested in me, please follow, share and leave your comments, good and bad. Let’s kibitz?

I don’t want to kvetch (a lot), but dreck happens, often. And that’s okay. I am here on the planet to learn and grow daily. So what if we share some growing pains?
Armed with my keypad, camera and some words, hopefully, strung together fairly well, I can fill you in on what goes on, while also working on this ‘life in progress’ journey we all seem to be taking. Wouldn’t it be nice, if maybe we could all laugh, cry, see some commonalities, embrace some differences and inspire each other to keep going?
My muses? None other than my crazy, zany, beautiful (inside and out) and lovable family. That includes me, the Mrs.,Family 1-1-2016 BHI Little and Big. Yes, we are two mommas with two little girls. Trials, tribulations, parenting, working, aging and surviving, while food shopping, doing laundry, making meals, cleaning up and trying to save the planet.
Sometimes I’ll offer up little nuggets to nosh on, and sometimes a bit more of a tirade about whatever may have my kishkas in an uproar. I figure this blog will see me, us, through the ups and downs of the hand(s) we’ve been dealt. Chronic pain, major life changes, moves, losses, gains, wins, ballet recitals, tooth fairies, friends, foes, fears, tsuris, yadda, yadda…
I blog because…
  • my girls may someday look back and want to see who ‘Mommy’ was as a person, through their adult eyes
  • I want to remember every (okay, most) beautiful moment of their childhood that is priceless and filled with such naches
  • every moment isn’t pretty–sometimes it’s messy and ferklempt, and I want those memories too
  • other parents out in the ether must know what to do when…? and share with me
  • for some crazy reason, I am channeling great Aunt Frieda with all of this Yiddish
  • I have funny thoughts, and I write them down, in the hopes that you (my therapists) may smile or chuckle over them tooblogger mommy
  • my family, my little mishpocheh and my extended and chosen peeps, need to know how very much I love them and feel loved by them
  • life with two kids, work, school and all the other mishegas, doesn’t always allow for adequate ‘tawk-time’ with the Mrs., or anyone else for that matter
  • ahhh, the Mrs., whenever I see her, my heart still skips a beat
  • every night, Little cries out during bedtime that she is hungry
  • Canada looks very good in the event of a Trump inauguration, and we will need to know where to send Little and Big to school
  • have I got stories to tell. Oy vey!

So, you’ll join me? What, you have something better to do? Nu?

BTW, I’m the one with the gray hair in the pic.

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©Lisa Pomerantz 2016

44 thoughts on “About Me?

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  2. I don’t know much Yiddish–a few words, a few phrases–but now that I live where I never hear it unless it comes out of my mouth (or occasionally my partner’s), damn it’s nice to read it sprinkled into your posts.

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  3. Hi Lisa, glad to have found you! Yiddish is my mamelushn (English was #4, chronologically), and I love to see people appreciating the beauty of it. Look me up at koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com, when you have a chance, and I will definitely stop by and enjoy your klige und geshmake blog.

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  4. Lisa– your name popped up at the end of the Wordless Wednesday list for this week, and my heart skipped a beat. My friend Lisa Pomerantz died 2 years ago. She had just bought her first digital camera a year or so before and had been photographing everything everywhere, but mostly all of our friends’ dogs. I am delighted to see that there is another Lisa P. out there enjoying life and taking photos and sharing them. That is an interesting comfort to me.

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  5. I’m always surprised what a small amount of yiddish is known in this country, but when i go to States esp NY of course, everyone but everyone has at least 20 words they use regularly. Here it’s Mazzletov and that’s it. Maybe see you in Canada one day if it gets bad over here (husband has Canadian citizenship. Useful).Love your blog its so lively and funny jo #fridayfrolics

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  8. Hi Lisa,

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    Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in and I’ll show you how to get started. Please kindly write to me at helen@anagraminteractive.com

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