Rant, Shmant, as long as I can vent…Week 3


Quiet! Third therapy session in progress

The amount of shpilkas I’m experiencing from just the news alone; I could plotz. It’s getting worse as Little and Big are growing and asking more and more sizable questions about the planet and the people who surround us. They are going to have to live in this world, clearly a work in progress (perhaps I use this term loosely), and I am fearful of so many things.

Oy vey, this week. Caucusing! What nudnik came up with this process? We schmooze, we kibbitz, we vote. And then, straight from the clown car, Cruz cruises into the main ring? The top three from that car, vey iz mir! These party leaders, who hold punishing values and regressive perspectives toward women, gays, sick, aged, underprivileged people. And science? They allow for religion to trump science (yes, I used that T-word on purpose). There is an age-old Yiddish curse that I offer to these GOP machers: May every tooth in your head fall out, except one, so you can get a toothache! Then I add to this Yiddisher-spell, deal with the fact you no longer have dental insurance!

Oh Bernie, how I feel you and the tie/loss. I do not believe this country, my country, can or will elect a lantzman. Hillary, you squeezed success by merely a bissel. Everyone please read her emails. The state department releases them in bunches (like your panties) each month because they are public record. See who she really is. Forget the blue pants suit already. A shonda.

While I’m on the government and this merry-go-round of Looney-tunes, I must say the water crisis in Flint, this disgusting, inhumane cover-up—how can we do this to our own people? How can we do this at all, and sit back and deny, deny, deny. How do these politicians and GM corporate gonifs sleep at night? What do you do when your tap water starts to look like coffee and the EPA says, “it’s all good; drink up!” If not Flint, where else? What don’t we know? What are we drinking? Pepsi, the behemoth of bottlers even revealed that their Dasani bottled water is simply tap water. Tap water from where? I’m in Pennsylvania, the fracking epicenter. You think I feel good about our water? A shonda.

Voter apathy. People, if you care at all, please register to vote now. Primaries are looming. They matter. Read about the people seeking the biggest, most undesirable and scrutinized job in our nation, because you have ‘say.’ Make your decision and please, no matter whom you choose, VOTE. I know, the roster has been meh at best…but your voice, it matters. On November 8th of this very year, your VOTE matters. Get yourself ready to vote because #humanitymatters.


If not for you, please, for my Little and Big and your kinder too.



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